The 'Be Hedgehog Aware' WonderWall

A huge thank you to all the companies and organisations supporting my 'Be Hedgehog Aware' campaign.

The following now have Be Hedgehog Aware stickers on their strimmers/mowers/brushcutters, as well as including information in equipment manuals, providing dealership resources, creationg social media posts, and much more. If you want your brand to be known as hedgehog (and wildlife) friendly, get in touch with me today!


Hyundai Power Products




Hyundai Mower Dylan with Roland from Hyundai Power Products


STIGA caring for nature

STIGA Hedgehog Aware STIGA caring for nature

For lots more information about these wonderful partnerships with manufacturers, please see the Manufacturers Information Page on the 'Campaigns' section of the website.



In Summer 2023, the hedgehog conservation charity Hedgehog Street put out a UK-wide call for fencing companies to offer hedgehog friendly products in their range, including fencing with 13cm built-in 'highways' to enable hedgehogs to travel between gardens. As one of their many hedgehog champions, I contacted a number of different companies and was delighted to have inspired Jewson (Stark Building Materials UK) to take action! Since then, they have introduced several new fencing and gravel board products, and gave me the opportunity to exhibit at their 'Jewson Live On Tour' at Birmingham NEC in 2024.

Jewson Stark Buildings UK






Exhibiting at Jewson Live Tour Jewson Stark Buildings UK


I am also delighted to include the following companies on the WonderWall who are helping hedgehogs navigate through, and be supported in, gardens:

Rolawn Rolawn Bioscapes





The following organisations, and local authorities are supporting 'Be Hedgehog Aware' by putting the stickers on their equipment, giving them out to local residents, or spreading the word through events (or all three!). If you would like to show that your organisation or local authority care about hedgheogs and wildlife, you can bulk order my free 'Be Hedgehog Aware' stickers from the shop, or get in touch with me today!

Wye Valley National LandscapeWye Valley AONB

Dylan's ongoing partnership with Wye Valley National Landscape (formerly AONB) as their ‘Hedgehog Hero’ sees them undertaking vital awareness-raising and conservation projects to help hedgehogs, a selected priority species, within the Wye Valley region.

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust

Herefordshire Wildlife Trust have done a wonderful job of placing ‘Be Hedgehog Aware’ stickers on pieces of garden machinery used within the organisation, acting as that crucial reminder for people to check for hedgehogs before undertaking work.


North Warwickshire Borough Council North Warwickshire Borough Council North Warwickshire Borough Council North Warwickshire Borough Council

Hedgehog Aware are very grateful for the support by Charles Hill Machine Tool Services Ltd. in helping contact North Warwickshire Borough Council, who are supporting the campaign admirably with their efforts to place the stickers on all of the ‘Streetscape’ vans and equipment used.

Ceredigion County Council

Ceredigion County Council / Cyngor Sir Ceredigion are currently working with Dylan at Hedgehog Aware, who will be providing a batch of stickers for their gardening equipment used in the local authority area.

Rochford District Council

50 stickers were ordered by Rochford District Council, with many now being not only on equipment, but also on display with the ‘Open-Space Teams’ within the council.


Monmouthshire County Council

Monmouthshire County Council are engaged in a partnership with Hedgehog Aware, with the aim to roll-out new, bilingual, ‘Be Hedgehog Aware’ stickers across the county, with a view to hopefully expanding across all 5 Gwent local authority areas. We will be keeping you updated on the progress of this!


AMF Services Bedford Ltd


This company that resells and repairs both Hyundai and STIGA power products have pledged to support the campaign with publicity on social media, on their website and in the showroom.


Honiton Community Action Group

As part of Honiton’s aim to become a ‘Hedgehog Champion Town’, the local Community Action Group reached out to obtain 60 stickers for use around the town and on locals’ gardening equipment.

Benthyg Cymru

100 stickers were dispatched to Benthyg, the ‘Library of Things’ network in Wales, for use on equipment that they lend out as well as some of the projects overseen directly by the individual branches of the project.


Charles Hill Machine Tool Services Ltd






As mentioned previously, Hedgehog Aware are very grateful to Charles Hill MTS for their work in contacting North Warwickshire Borough Council, and supporting the campaign through the distribution and publicity of stickers in their local area.


Warrington (South) Parish Council - stickers for putting on ranger's gardening equipment, with remaining handed out to residents.

Wetwang village, East Yorkshire - stickers for the 'hedgehog care and aware theme’ of the annual village scarecrow competition.

A special mention to Brambles Pet and Wildlife, who donated a large quantity of hedgehog food for the volunteer rescues that I support.



If your company or organisation would like to be featured on the WonderWall please get in touch and let me know how you are supporting the campaign. I'd love to see photographs of the stickers on gardening equipment and hear how you are helping our prickly friends survive and thrive.