Helping Hedgehogs Survive and Thrive

I am dedicated to:

  • raising awareness of the plight of one of the UK's most loved mammals
  • taking action to secure their future

Wye Valley National Landscape

I am 'Hedgehog Hero' for the Wye Valley National Landscape (formerly AONB) 'Wye Hedgehog' project,
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NEW FOR 2024: I've just launched the Hedgehog First Response Unit for the Monmouth & Chepstow areas - a new initiative aimed at helping sick or injured hedgehogs get the care they need as rapidly as possible. Find out more here.

Find out more about my story, and how to get involved in the 'Be Hedgehog Aware' campaign by clicking on any of the links. Discover which companies and organisations are already supporting the campaign by viewing the WonderWall.

Be Hedgehog Aware Stickers


'Be Hedgehog Aware' stickers are available for free* for your strimmers and/or mowers at home, regardless of brand.*small charge for P&P.

  Dylan Hedgehog ChampionDylanHedgehog preparing for hibernation

My Hedgehog Aware work is supported with grant funding from the GAVO Cash4U Youth-Led Grant Scheme, and the Sustainable Development Fund - a Welsh Government initiative in the Wye Valley National Landscape (previously AONB).

Gwent Association of Voluntary Services


Wye Valley National Landscape Welsh Government